04 October 2018

Henning Olai Milhøj, PhD student

Newly employed

Henning Olai Milhøj is employed as a PhD-student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from October 1st, 2018. He is part of the research group Non-Commutative Geometry and is working under the supervision of Mikael Rørdam.

Henning Olai MilhøjHenning has both master's and bachelor's degree from this department, with his master's thesis entitled "Quasidiagonality, AF-embeddability and the Blackadar-Kirchberg conjectures" being written under the supervision of Mikael Rørdam.

In his thesis, Henning studied a recent result due to Tikuisis, White and Winter which, among other things, resolved a long-standing conjecture regarding quasidiagonality of groups.

His interests are in approximation properties and classification theory of C*-algebras, and his first goal is to study which groups have strongly quasidiagonal C*-algebras.

Henning's office is 04.0.04.