16 December 2019

Frederik Ravn Klausen, PhD student

Newly employed

January 1st 2020 Frederik starts as a PhD student with Albert Werner from the QMATH Centre, as a part of a Villum Young Investigator grant.

Frederik Ravn KlausenFrederik’s research will primarily focus on open disordered quantum systems and completely positive semigroups.

Frederik is also interested in combinatorics, which we have previously written about in connection with the talent competition Young Scientists in 2014. The interest comes from his involvement in the Georg Mohr Competition; today he is part of the working group behind the competition.

Frederik has studied mathematics and physics at the University of Copenhagen. The last year of his master he spent at ETH in Zürich specializing in mathematical physics. He did his master's thesis on the two dimensional Ising model supervised by Aran Raoufi and Wendelin Werner.

Frederik's office is in 04.0.14