5 January 2017

Daniel Bergh, postdoc

Newly employed

Daniel Bergh started at the University of Copenhagen at 1 January 2017, as a postdoc funded by Lars Hesselholt's Niels Bohr professorship.

Daniel BerghPreviously, Daniel was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn and at the University of Bonn. He received his PhD at Stockholm University under the direction of David Rydh and Torsten Ekedahl.

Daniel's reserach is in algebraic geometry. More specifically, he is interested in the theory of algebraic stacks, resolution of singularities and motivic invariants. He has also done some work in non-commutative geometry.

Daniel will be affiliated with the Section for Topology, Functional Analysis and Algebra.

Daniel sits in office 04.1.18