28 May 2014

Martin Søndergaard Christensen, PhD Student

Martin Søndergaard ChristensenMartin Søndergaard Christensen was hired as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences 15 April 2014. He is affiliated with the research group Non-commutative Geometry and has Mikael Rørdam as supervisor.

Martin's research interests are in the theory of operator algebras, in particular the classification of C*-algebras. “At the moment I am concerned with comparison- and divisibility properties of a C*-algebra and how they relate to the corresponding central sequence algebra”, says Martin.

Martin has a BA and a MSc from UCPH. On 26 March 2014 he defended his Master thesis "On the structure of simple nuclear C*-algebras: The Toms-Winter conjecture."

You can find Martin in office 04.1.06.