10 August 2014

Rolf Poulsen shows winning chances

Rolf PoulsenThe TV-show “Aftenshowet” marked the 25th anniversary of Lotto 6 October 2014. They interviewed people about their dreams and expectations for the seven winning numbers and the big prize. And they asked Professor Rolf Poulsen, Department of Mathematical Sciences, to visualize the probability.

Rolf Poulsen did so in 25 seconds with blackboard and chalk, a bucket and 87 cubes.

A month later Rolf performed in the tv program "Kontant" - investigating on line casino games. Here were the props crime scene tape and jugs with water. The point was the same: Your chances are small - and smaller than you think.

See Casinofælden - 16. NOV. 2014 KL. 21:00 - Look for Rolf at 8:30 and again 14:50.
(The link will not work forever - DR only shows this a limited time).