12 November 2013

Niek de Kleijn, PhD student

Niek de Kleijn

Niek de Kleijn was employed as a PhD student at Department of Mathematical
Sciences in September 2013. He’s working with the research group Non-Commutative Geometry.

Niek obtained his master's degree in mathematical physics from the University of Amsterdam in august of 2013. His master thesis concerns integrable hierachies of PDE's and their relation to Frobenius structures, particularly the (n+1)KdV hierarchies and Frobenius structures related to singularities of An type, which he wrote under supervision of Sergey Shadrin.

At the same university he has obtained a Bsc in mathematics and one in physics in 2011.

Currently he is studying deformation quantization under supervision of Ryszard Nest. In particular he will be studying algebraic index theorems for symplectic manifolds with an infinite group action.

You can find him in office 04.1.06.