11 November 2013

Kang Li, PhD student

PhD student

Kang Li is employed as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 1st November, 2013. He is part of the Statistics and Probability Theory group, and affiliated to the DSIN project.

Kang LiDSIN encompass visual cognition, neuronal signalling and networks, renal and cardiovascular physiology, metabolomics, molecular dynamics and econometrics, and develops pioneering cross-disciplinary methodology by combining ideas from the different fields.

Kang Li is working on statistical analysis and methodological development for neurophysiological data in the framework of the Neural Theory of Visual Attention (NTVA). A theoretical side project is development of models of statistics for point processes with memory of variable length, by embedding them in probabilistic context trees.

Kang Li's principal supervisor is Susanne Ditlevsen from Department of Mathematics and co-supervisor is Søren Kyllingsbæk from Department of Psychology. Kang Li finished his Master programme in Bioinformatics with the thesis "Bayesian Inference of Protein Structures and Dynamics" supervised by Thomas Hamelryck.

Kang Li's office is in 04.3.28