4 November 2014

Annelies Jaspers, PhD student

PhD student

Annelies Jaspers is a PhD student – since October 2013 – from University of Leuven, Belgium. From September 2014 she is also enrolled as a phd-student at MATH/UCPH.

Annelies Jaspers Annelies is a student of Lars H. Halle and Johannes Nicaise (University of Leuven, Belgium). At MATH/UCPH she will be affiliated with the research group Algebra and Number Theory.

Annelies did her bachelor and master in Leuven with an Erasmus exchange to Université Paris 11 (Orsay) in the last year of her master's. She did her master's thesis in Paris under supervision of Andreas Höring; it was entitled ‘Threefold birational morphisms and degenerations without triple points’.

“I work on the monodromy conjecture for K3 surfaces. The monodromy conjecture relates the geometry of the degeneration of a variety to the monodromy action on the cohomology of the variety in a quantitative way. Halle and Nicaise already proved the conjecture for abelian varieties”, Annelies explains.

Annelies will be staying in Belgium most of the time, but will often be in Denmark. When in Denmark, she will have office in 04.0.14.