6 May 2013

Chromatic polynomials and limping horses

Inaugural lectures

Professors Helle Sørensen and Jesper Michael Møller held their inaugural lectures on Friday May 31 in Auditorium 4.

Jesper will talk about “Chromatic polynomials of simplicial complexes” and Helle Møller about "Weeds and limping horses: Stories from applied statistics".

Jesper Michael MøllerChromatic polynomials of simplicial complexes

Jesper Michael Møller: "Mathematics and mathematicians are being kept alive by interesting questions. Some of these open problems are esoteric and only specialists can understand them. But today I'd like to present some mathematical questions, related to the 4-color theorem, that are simple to state and, presumably, very difficult to answer. I hope this will illustrate how the emergence of new problems to explore will never stop and that mathematics is under continuous reconstruction and expansion".

Helle SørensenWeeds and limping horses: Stories from applied statistics

Helle Sørensen: "I will, with starting point in two data examples, illustrate some of the challenges and opportunities you meet in applied statistics. One of the datasets comes from analytical chemistry and is about the relation between the concentration of a weedkiller and the chemical analysis. The other datset comes from veterinary science, and the scientific question is how acceleration signals can be used for detection of lameness for horses. In both cases the data consists of functions (rather than discrete observations) which must be taken into account in the analysis.

I will also tell about Laboratory for Applied Statistics, which has been started as part of the merge of two faculties. The laboratory will collaborate with researchers and students from the natural sciences at University of Copenhagen. We will continue and possibly improve activities from the former Faculty of Life Sciences, and expand them to the new faculty."

Jesper & Helle