28 October 2014

Dino Destefano, PhD student

Dino DestefanoDino Destefano started as PhD student October 1st 2014 in the Algebra and Number Theory Group at MATH, UCPH. He is founded by Lars Hesselholt's Niels Bohr Professorship.

Dino's supervisor is Ian Kiming and his PhD project will focus on some theoretical and computational aspects of p-adic analytic families.

Dino got his bachelor at the University of Torino, Italy, and has a master double degree from the Universities of Padova and Bordeaux. The thesis title was "Arithmetic of the modular curve X(7)"; it was written under the supervision of Fabien Pazuki.

Dino’s interests are in algebraic number theory; in particular in modular forms and rational points on curves.

Dino’s office is 04.0.14