19 June 2015

Researchers and businesses focus on exchange rate stability


In collaboration with Global Currency Union, a private entrepreneurial company, MATH hosts a conference on exchange rate stability, Thursday 25 June 2015.

The high degree of instability and sudden movements in foreign exchange markets has caused a number of problems, both for the private sector and governments. The conference will address these issues from different angles through presentations from international researchers and business people.

Among the speakers is Thomas Nitschka from the Swiss National Bank, Jessica James from Commerzbank London, Professor Michael Hanke from the University of Liechtenstein and Professor Rolf Poulsen from the UCPH, Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Rolf Poulsen"Exchange rate uncertainty has been front page news in the past six months. The rouble collapse, the lifting of the Swiss franc’s binding to the euro and the subsequent pressure on the Danish krone, the current Greek mess ... The purpose of this conference is to create a "safe box" where academia, central banks and commercial financial institutions can exchange ideas to deal with this uncertainty, "explains Rolf Poulsen from MATH.

In the afternoon, a seminar will introduce the participants to the tool "Trade-Weighted Equilibrium Exchange Rate System", developed by Global Currency Union.

The participants come from the central banks, government agencies and the financial sector. Even a delegation from Bangladesh participates – and some of Rolf Poulsen students from the Mathematics-Economics study.