20 October 2019

They found the professor in the freezer

MATH Culture Night

1541 visitors defied the storm and rain on Culture Night 11 October 2019 and made their way to the H.C. Ørsted Complex, where the departments of mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science and biology presented fun and challenges for the whole family.

At one end of the building, you could tickle a starfish and see an ant work, at the other end, examine ice cores and play chess. In the middle, you could roast virtual marshmallows (with a VR headset), build robots, or see someone mix explosive chemicals.

MATH's stalls and lectures were well attended; we offered riddle and task solving as well as lectures on DNA calculations and quantum encryption.

Mysteriejagt i Matematisk Bibliotek

Smartphones var tilladt i MysterieløbetWe arranged a mystery hunt in the Mathematical Library. Professor Prim was abducted and it was necessary to find out who the villain was and where the professor was hidden. Like Cluedo. A few hundred visitors took up the challenge.

Nogle af vinderne i Mysteriejagten15-20 groups solved all three tracks and found poor Prim in the freezer. They got a small prize.

Stjerneløb for skoleeleverFor school children, we offered a race with math tasks. Here the edible prizes were distributed more freely.


In MATH's DNA booth, you could try a DNA puzzle developed by statistician Therese Graversen specifically for the Culture Night.

Therese Graversens DNA-foredragIn addition you could hear Therese talk about her statistical detective work in criminal cases.


Fem minutter - så lyder gong-gongenOf other well-attended lectures can be mentioned the Gong Show, where five MATH researchers had to talk breathlessly about their research before the gong was beaten. Each researcher was given only five minutes to explain what they think about day and night.

Skak-hjørnetChess Corner is always popular. All the tables were busy throughout the evening. Our chess master Viktor also tried blind chess against two opponents at the same time - and won.


Fotos blev krypteretResearchers from the QMATH Center demonstrated how to encrypt a photograph. A portrait photo was taken on the spot and it was then encrypted so you needed a key to be able to decipher it.

Vandrehallen på KulturnattenScience Culture Night with the other departments has become a tradition we will certainly repeat. See you again on Friday, October 9, 2020.

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