11 September 2015

Culture Night 2015: Strategies, scrabble and cello sonatas

Culture Night 2015

For the third (and last) time MATH organizes a Gaming Cafe at Culture Night in the Botanical Gardens. We are also hosting the German math professor Matthias Kreck in an auditorium 100 meters from the Botanical Garden, where he performs with the lecture/concert "M3: Music, Math & Malerei".

Velkommen til matematisk kulturnat

In the Gaming Café - from 18:00 to 24:00 - you can three times every hour hear a 10-minute lecture by the professors Mogens Steffensen, Søren Eilers and Rolf Poulsen. They explains how mathematics can give you usable winning strategies in games like roulette, Scrabble, rock-paper-scissors and the popular game “Pass the Pig”.

After each lecture you can borrow games in the cafe and test the strategies. You can also play chess with the former Austrian youth champion John Heiny, now PhD student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

If you want to get both brain hemispheres exercised, you should set aside a few hours of the Culture Night in the company of math professor and cellist Matthias Kreck from the University of Bonn and his show M3 - Music, Math & Malerei. He will talk about the beauty of prime numbers and play Vivaldi, Schumann and Beethoven.

The lecture is in English and lasts from 19:30 to 21:30. During the break, the MATH department offers refreshments.

M3 is an event where also non-mathematicians can join. There is substance for both brain hemispheres: The emotional side will enjoy classical music and the rational side is needed to digest the mathematics. Both are affected by Luitgard Ilgs paintings.

Matthias Kreck plays the cello and he is accompanied by the Norwegian pianist Bjorn Jahren - who is math professor at the University of Oslo. The mathematics in the lecture is about primes. "Everything you always wanted to know about sex prime numbers" (following Woody Allan)…

We can obviously not house M3 in our cafe-tent, so instead it takes place in the basement auditorium Gammeltoftsgade 13 - borrowed from the Faculty of Social Sciences. It is only 100 meters from Øster Farimagsgade and the entrance to the Botanical Garden, where you can buy “Culture Pass”. There will be signs showing you from Øster Farimagsgade to the auditorium.

Before and after M3 you are of course welcome in the Mathematical Gaming Cafe in the Botanical Gardens. We give a cup of coffee.

Read more and see the full program for the Gaming Café (in Danish).