8 January 2014

Clarisson R.P. Canlubo, PhD student

PhD student

January 1, 2014, Clarisson Rizzie P. Canlubo started as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, UCHP. He supervisor is Ryszard Nest and he is associated with the research group in Non-Commutative Geometry and the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation.

Clarisson CanluboClarisson is studying quantum groups as symmetries of non-commutative algebras. Looking at Hamiltonian actions of symmetry groups, he wants to develop deformation quantisation of actions of Poisson manifolds in the real quantum case. Primarily working on algebras with quadratic relations, he hopes to add more computable examples on noncommutative geometry in addition to Connes and Rieffel's noncommutative torus.

Clarisson received his master's degree at the University of the Philippines and is currently on study leave from a teaching position to pursue his PhD degree.

He is seated in office 04.1.06.