27 November 2017

Brutal mathematics leads to top salaries

MATH in the media

The magazine Djøfbladet has visited the actuarial study, where the students are guaranteed top salaries when they have finished the study.

Djøfbladet start by citing calculations by the think tank CEPOS, which show that graduates aged 25-59 on average, earn 1,321,528 DKK a year. Actuarial mathematicians thus take the first place on the CEPOS overview, and several other studies point in the same direction.

The interviews with the students show that it’s hard work to be an actuarial student; brutal mathematics, many tests, long working hours.

“But there is no competition in here. Everyone gets a job, no matter what grades they have received and whether they have had relevant study jobs or not. We have people who have been doing the bachelor for six years because it is so difficult. If they are finished at some point, they will probably get a job as an actuary," says one of the students.

Read more in djøfbladet.dk (in Danish)