5 September 2015

Benjamin Böhme, PhD student at SYM

Benjamin BöhmeBenjamin Böhme is employed as a PhD student at the Center for Symmetry and Deformation from September 2015.

Benjamin's main research interest is unstable and stable homotopy theory, especially from an equivariant point of view. He is interested in alternative models for "classical" homotopy theory as well as in algebraic structures on topological objects, and in related topics such as representation theory and category theory.

Jesper Grodal will be the supervisor of Benjamin's PhD project, which is concerned with the study of equivariant splittings of spaces and spectra and the multiplicative behavior of these. The project still has to reach its definitive shape, though.

Before, Benjamin was a student at the University of Bonn, where he completed his Master's degree. His Master's thesis describes new model structures in unstable global homotopy theory and was supervised by Stefan Schwede.