Laboratory for Applied Statistics – University of Copenhagen

27 March 2013

Laboratory for Applied Statistics

New laboratory

All SCIENCE researchers and students can now seek advice about statistical topics at the new Laboratory for Applied Statistics. The laboratory also offers PhD courses and workshops in applied statistics.

The overall aim for the laboratory is to enhance the quality of statistical analyses carried out in research at SCIENCE. The laboratory participates in projects that involve larger data analyses or development of statistical methodology.

Collaboration between researchers and the laboratory ranges from brief guidance over specific data analyses to extensive research collaboration. Interested researchers are encouraged to contact the laboratory for a meeting about the possibilities.

Statistics consultationStudents are offered 20 minutes consultations with an experienced statistician at Nørre Campus or Frederiksberg Campus. You book a slot and turn op to the meeting with your statistical problem, e.g. related to your bachelor's or master's project. You may also show up for the open concultations, without reservation. Read more and book a meeting at the laboratory webpage.

PhD students are welcome to use all offers from the laboratory.

Researchers and students at the former LIFE faculty have benefited for many years from sparring practice with experienced statisticians. Now the activities of the laboratory will be of benefit to everyone at SCIENCE.

Laboratory for Applied Statistics is a unit at the Department of Mathematical Sciences with Helle Sørensen (professor mso) as head of the laboratory. Five experiences researchers are currently associated to the laboratory.