6 March 2014

Hiroshi Ando, postdoc


Hiroshi Ando is hired as postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences from March 1st, 2014, researching with the research group Non-Commutative Geometry and Centre for Symmetry and Deformation.

Hiroshi AndoBasically he works on operator algebras (especially von Neumann algebras). He is also interested in descriptive set theory. See Hiroshi Ando’s personal webpage.

Hiroshi’s mentors at MATH will be Uffe Haagerup and Asger Tornquist. He works with Uffe Haagerup on type III factors.

Hiroshi Ando obtained he’s PhD on March 2012 from Kyoto University, and has worked as a postdoc at IHES (France) and ESI (Austria) for the last two years.

Hiroshi Ando is seated in office 04.2.04