01 October 2013

Amalie Høgenhaven, PhD student

Amalie HøgenhavenAmalie Høgenhaven is employed as a PhD student at the department of Mathematical Sciences from September 1, 2013, where she is part of the Center for Symmetry and Deformation, the Topology Group and the Algebra and Number Theory Group.

Amalie's advisor is Lars Hesseholt and she is founded by Lars Hesselholt's Niels Bohr Professorship (NBP). Amalie's research will concern calculations in real algebraic K-theory.

Amalie has her Master's and Bachelor's degree from this department. Her master thesis was titled: "Quillen Stratification in Group Cohomology" and was supervised by Jesper Grodal.

Amalie sits in office 04.1.06.