03 April 2014

Adam Lund, PhD student

Adam Lund started as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences in July last year, working with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory.
He is associated with the “The Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network” which involves seven teams from the University of Copenhagen.

Adam's project is entitled “Spatio-temporal modeling of neuron fields”. His supervisor is Niels Richard Hansen, Department of Mathematical Sciences together with co-supervisor Per Ebbe Roland, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology.

Adam has a B.Sc. from University of Copenhagen, 2008, a M.Sc. from Columbia University, New York, 2010, and another M.Sc. from University of Copenhagen, 2012.

Adam's research interests are high dimensional statistics, computational statistics, dynamic probabilistic modeling, stochastic differential equations and stochastic processes.

Adam's office is 04.3.28.