Beatriz Pascual Escudero

Beatriz Pascual Escudero


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    I graduated in Mathematics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The topic of my Ph.D. is the link between Resolution of Singularities and Arc Spaces. My supervisors are Ana Bravo Zarza (UAM) and Santiago Encinas Carrión (UVa).

    Publication list:

    1. Contact loci and Hironaka’s order, with A. Bravo and S. Encinas. arXiv:1811.12203
    2. Nash multiplicity sequences and Hironaka’s order function, with A. Bravo and S. Encinas. Accepted for publication in Indiana University Mathematics Journal (arXiv:1802.02566)
    3. Nash Multiplicities and isolated points of maximal multiplicity. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 223(6) (2019): 2598-2614.. (arXiv:1609.09008)
    4. Nash Multiplicities and resolution invariants, with A. Bravo and S. Encinas. Collectanea Mathematica, 68(2):175–217, 2017. (arXiv:1510.09043)

    ID: 214001694