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Name:Massimiliano Ungheretti
Office:HCØ 04.4.03
Address:Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

About Me

Since September 2013 I have been a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. During May and June 2015 I will be visiting the Hausdorff Trimester Program: Homotopy theory, manifolds and field theories. I was in Berkeley visiting the MSRI January through April, 2014.
I am under the supervision of Nathalie Wahl and am interested in field theories, string topology, Hochschild- and cyclic homology and more generally in applications to mathematical physics. Currently I am developing operads and PROPs modelling algebraic structures of Hochschild complexes.
Before this, I did Part III in Cambridge and a double BSc in Mathematics and Physics at Utrecht University. For my master degree I wrote an essay named "Khovanov Stable Homotopy", supervised by Jacob Rasmussen. It was a discussion of results obtained by Lipshitz and Sarkar, explicitly constructing a stable homotopy type and Steenrod squares for knots and links.

A pair of pants.
Transitions in manifolds.


Geometry 2(TA) 2014-15 Block 2 - MSc level course in differential geometry
Geometry 2(TA) 2013-14 Block 2
Linear Algebra (TA) 2011-12 Semester 1, Utrecht University


"The profinite Grothendieck-Teichmuller group" 2015 April 10 - The MIT Talbot workshop 2015 - Little disk operad
"Hochschild Homology" 2014 May 27 - Topological Cyclic Homology seminar
"Elementary cobordisms" 2013 September 13 - h-Cobordism seminar
"Conway's ZIP Proof" 2012 November 30 - Cambridge University - Part III Symposium 1
"Clustering Methods for the FoCal Detector" 2012 June 15 - Utrecht University - Prize for best presentation on the Physics Bachelors Symposium


Masterclass on algebraic structures of Hochschild complexes Oct, 2015
What is...'a seminar'? (Current) 2014
Masterclass on Topological quantum field theories, quantum groups and 3-manifold invariants Oct 6-10, 2014
Young Topologists Meeting Jun 30-Jul 4, 2014
Topological Cyclic Homology seminarMay, 2014 -
I-SKATE: Icebreaker Surgery & K-theory Algebraic Topology Extravaganza April 12, 2014
Clustering example
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