Thomas Hjortgaard Danielsen

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I am a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen since May 2009. I expect to graduate in 2013. My primary research group is the Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics group (aka. GAMP) but I'm also member of the Center for Symmetry and Deformations. My advisor is Henrik Schlichtkrull. I am working within the field of harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces and representation theory for semisimple Lie groups. But also geometric and operator algebraic methods in mathematical physics have my interest. For the time being I'm working to prove that certain invariant differential operators on symmetric spaces are surjective on the space of distributions.

I have been granted the Danish Travelling Grant for Mathematicians (in Danish: "Rejselegat for matematikere") which makes it possible for me to stay one year abroad. In the fall semester of 2010 I'll stay at the mathematical institute of the University of Erlangen, and in the spring semester of 2011 I'll be at MIT in Boston. Some pictures from Germany can be found here, pictures from USA here, and here are some pictures from Iceland. Roots and dominant integral elements of sl(4,C)

Contact Information


Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 5
2100 København Ø

HCØ, room 04.4.05.


Curriculum Vitae

Can be found here.


I was organizing a reading seminar on K-homology in the spring semester of 2010.


Here is my Master's Thesis from January 2009: Construction of the Seiberg-Witten Invariant.

This document comprises my Bachelor project from 2005 (about Clifford algebras and spin groups, co-authored with Kasper Jens Larsen) as well as two projects (the first one on Lie algebras, the second one on the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem) written during my graduate studies: The Mathematics any Physicist Should Know.

My habit of writing down everything I read has, moreover, resulted in the following collection of notes (mostly in Danish), which may/may not be of any interest:

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