The International Congress on Insurance Mathematics and Economics (IME) is one of the major international conferences in actuarial science. The first congress was held in 1997 at Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then, the congress has been held annually. The Seventeenth International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics will be held at the University of Copenhagen in 2013. The congress is associated with the leading actuarial science journal, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. The journal editors and most of the researchers in actuarial science will attend and give talks during the congress.


Foto: Henrik Petit/EKKO/copenhagenmediacenter.com

Past IME conferences

1997 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1998 Lausanne, Switzerland
1999 London, UK
2000 Barcelona, Spain
2001 State College, USA
2002 Lisbon, Portugal
2003 Lyon, France
2004 Rome, Italy
2005 Quebec, Canada
2006 Leuven, Belgium
2007 Piraeus, Greece
2008 Dalian, China (re-scheduled from Beijing because of the 2008 Olympics)
2009 Istanbul , Turkey
2010 Toronto, Canada
2011 Trieste, Italy
2012 Hong Kong