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(* = joint authorship)


  1. Sáez M, Feliu E, Wiuf C (2017) Graphical criteria for positive solutions to linear systems. Submitted. [Arxiv]

  2. Peer-Reviewed Publications

    Mathematical Biology/Bioinformatics

  3. Conradi C*, Feliu E*, Mincheva M*, Wiuf C* (2017) Identifying parameter regions for multistationarity. PlOS Computational Biology [Journal] [Arxiv]
  4. Marcondes de Freitas M, Wiuf C, Feliu E (2017) Intermediates and Generic Convergence to Equilibria. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. First online 15 June 2017. DOI: 10.1007/s11538-017-0303-4 [Arxiv] [Journal]
  5. Marcondes de Freitas M, Feliu E, Wiuf C (2017) Intermediates, Catalysts, Persistence, and Boundary Steady States. Journal of Mathematical Biology. 74:4, pp. 887–932. [Arxiv] [Journal]
  6. Sáez M, Wiuf C, Feliu E (2017) Graphical reduction of reaction networks by linear elimination of species. Journal of Mathematical Biology. 74:1, pp. 195-237. [Arxiv] [Journal]
  7. Song F, Sáez M, Wiuf C, Feliu E*, Soyer OS* (2016) Core signalling motif displaying multistability through multi-state enzymes. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 13:121. DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.0524. [Journal]
  8. Feliu E (2016) Sobre las soluciones positivas de sistemas de polinomios parametrizados en biología. (in spanish). La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española [Journal]
  9. Müller S*, Feliu E*, Regensburger G*, Conradi C, Shiu A, Dickenstein A (2016) Sign conditions for injectivity of generalized polynomial maps with applications to chemical reaction networks and real algebraic geometry. Foundations of Computational Mathematics. 16:1, pp. 69-97. doi:10.1007/s10208-014-9239-3. [Arxiv] [Journal]
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  12. Jovanovic G, Sheng X, Ale A, Feliu E, Harrington HA, Kirk P, Wiuf C, Buck M, Stumpf MPH (2015) Phosphorelay of non-orthodox two component systems functions through a bi-molecular mechanism in vivo: the case of ArcB. Molecular Biosystems. DOI: 10.1039/C4MB00720D. [Journal]
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  15. Kothamachu VB, Feliu E, Wiuf C, Cardelli L, Soyer OS (2013) Phosphorelays provide tunable signal processing capabilities for the cell. PLOS Computational Biology, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003322. [Journal] [PDF]
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  29. Feliu E, Oliva B (2010) How different from random are docking predictions when ranked by scoring functions? Proteins, 78:16, pp 3376-85. [Journal]

  30. Pure Math (authors in alphabetical order)

  31. Burgos Gil JI, Feliu E (2012) Higher arithmetic Chow groups. Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, 87:3 pp 521-587. [Journal] [arXiv]
  32. Feliu E (2011) On uniqueness of characteristic classes. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 215:6, pp 1223-42. [Journal] [arXiv]
  33. Burgos Gil JI, Feliu E, Takeda Y (2011) On Goncharov's regulator and higher arithmetic Chow groups. International Mathematics Research Notices, 2011:1, pp 40-73. [Journal][arXiv]
  34. Feliu E (2010) A chain morphism for Adams operations on rational algebraic K-theory. Journal of K-theory: K-theory and its Applications to Algebra, Geometry, and Topology, 5:2, pp 349-402. [Journal][arXiv]
  35. Feliu E (2010) Adams operations on higher arithmetic K-theory. Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 46:1, pp. 115-169. [Journal][arXiv]

  36. Book chapters

  37. Planas-Iglesias J, Bonet J, Marín-López MA, Feliu E, Gursoy A, Oliva B (2012) Structural Bioinformatics of Proteins: predicting the tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins from sequence. Chapter 10 in Protein-Protein Interactions, Computational and Experimental Tools, Intech. Edited by Weibo Cai. [Online access]

  38. Other scientific contributions

  39. Feliu E (2004) Function theory of higher logarithms. Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit Aktuellem Thema: Polylogarithms. Oberwolfach Report, 1:4, pp 2543-45. [Journal]

  40. PhD Thesis

  41. On higher arithmetic intersection theory, 2007.
  42. Advisor: José Ignacio Burgos Gil.[Fulltext][Introduction]

    With a qualification of Excellent Cum Laude, with European mention.
    Awarded with the Josep Teixidor Prize from the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Sant Jordi Awards, 2010.