PhD students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences – University of Copenhagen

PhD students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Abbreviations - Research Groups and centres:
ALG Algebra and Number Theory GAMP Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics
IE Insurance and Economics MBIO Mathematics of reaction networks
NBP Niels Bohr Professorship NCG Non-Commutative Geometry
QMATH Quantum Mathematics @ Copenhagen SPT Statistics and Probability Theory
SYM Centre for Symmetry and Deformation TOP Topology

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Askitis, DimitriosPhD student Gamp +45 353-33712E-mail
Bak, Rune HarderPhD student ALG  E-mail
Battagliola, Maria LauraPhD student  +45 353-36581E-mail
Borys, ClemensPhD student NCG, SYM +45 353-24867E-mail
Brietzke, BirgerPhD student GAMP. QMATH +45 353-34833E-mail
Brix, Kevin AguyarPhD student SYM, NCG +45 353-34896E-mail
Bylling, Henrik CarøePhD student IE +45 22 52 27 63E-mail
Böhme, BenjaminPhD student TOP, ALG, SYM +45 353-31075E-mail
Chini, FrancescoPhD student GAMP, QMATH +45 353-32849E-mail
Christiansen, RunePhD student SPT +45 353-33240E-mail
Dalezios, GeorgiosPhD student   E-mail
Dam, Henrik ThyboPhD student IE +45 353-32574E-mail
Danielsen, Thomas HjortgaardPhD student GAMP, SYM +45 353-20677E-mail
Destefano, DinoPhD student ALG, NBP +45 353-34813E-mail
Duan, ZhipengPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-31190E-mail
Ewert, Eske EllenPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Ferrara, RobertoPhD student GAMP, QMATH +45 353-31983E-mail
Furrer, ChristianIndustrial PhD IE +45 30 24 18 15E-mail
Grosse Ruse, MareilePhD student SPT +45 353-34018E-mail
Haga, Karen BakkePhD student NCG +45 353-20679E-mail
Hansen, Mads ChristianPhD student SPT, MBIO +45 353-34969E-mail
Horiuchi, RyoResearch assistant NBP +45 353-31169E-mail
Houghton-Larsen, Nicholas GauguinPhD student QMATH +45 353-31683E-mail
Hunt, Joshua EdwardPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-37904E-mail
Jensen, Asger KjærulffPhD student QMath +45 353-30710E-mail
Jørgensen, Emil SteenResearch assistant SPT +45 30 22 43 51E-mail
Krannich, ManuelPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-33901E-mail
Laude, IsabellePhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-20677E-mail
Leip, MaltePhD student ALG, TOP, SYM +45 353-24887E-mail
Lund, AdamPostdoc SPT  E-mail
Majenz, ChristianResearch assistant GAMP, QMATH +45 353-33107E-mail
Mikkelsen, Frederik VissingResearch assistant SPT +45 353-37899E-mail
Mogensen, Søren WengelPhD fellow SPT  
Mukherjee, DevarshiPhD student SYM, NCG  E-mail
Nielsen, Espen AusethPhD student TOP, SYM +45 353-31656E-mail
Nordentoft, Asbjørn ChristianPhD student GAMP, ALG +45 353-34756E-mail
Olsen, Niels Aske LundtorpPhD student SPT  E-mail
Pengo, RiccardoPhD student ALG, SYM +45 353-24827E-mail
Pepin, BobVisiting PhD Fellow SPT  E-mail
Proietti, ValerioPhD student NCG, SYM +45 353-31973E-mail
Quorning, VibekePhD student TOP, NCG +45 353-33355E-mail
Raad, Mads BondePhD student SPT +45 353-33832E-mail
Sadeghi Manesh, AmirhosseinPhD student SPT, MBIO +45 353-31902E-mail
Samojlow, AntonPhD student GAMP, QMATH  E-mail
Savoy, Maxime GrégoirePhD student  +45 353-26274E-mail
Schmitt, PhilippPhD student NCG, ALG, SYM +45 353-36858E-mail
Speirs, Martin PatrickPhD student ALG, TOP, NBP +45 353-30555E-mail
Tokus, SabihaPhD student QMATH, GAMP +45 353-33026E-mail
Torres Bustos, Angelica MarcelaPhD student SPT, MBIO +45 353-37703E-mail
Yslas Altamirano, JorgePhD student IE +45 353-33186E-mail
Østergaard, JacobPostdoc  +45 353-33532E-mail