Homotopy Properties of the Poset of Nontrivial p-Subgroups of a Group – University of Copenhagen

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This is the webpage for our reading seminar on Quillen's paper [Quillen].  The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 25 Feb 2014 at 13:15 in the seminar room on the 4th floor.


25 Feb 2014 13-15


1. The Simplicial Complex Associated with a Poset

Markus Szymik

3 Mar 2014 10-12

2. The Posets S_p(G) and A_p(G)

3. Relation to Buildings

Dieter Degrijse

4 Mar 2014 13-15

4. Euler characteristic of S_p(G)

Tomasz Prytula

Kristian Moi

6 Mar 2014 10-12

5. Connected components

6. Relation with Alperin's Fusion Theorem

Isabelle Laude

7 Mar 2014 14-16

Around Quillen's Conjecture

Jesper M. Møller

10 Mar 2014 10-12

7. Local Systems and Homology

Irakli Patchkoria

11 Mar 2014 13-15

8. Spherical and Cohen-Macaulay Posets

9. Spherical and Cohen-Macaulay Posets (Continued)

Markus Szymik

13 Mar 2014 10-12

10. The CM Property for A_p(G)

11. Extensions by Certain Solvable Groups

Sune P. Reeh

14 Mar 2014 14-16

12. Applications

John Foley


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[Reeh] S.P. Reeh. Homotopiteori for pomængden af p-undergrupper i en endelig gruppe. Master's Project. (link)