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Past Topology students

PhD Theses (2012-)

MS Theses (2007-)

  • Zhipeng Duan (MS 2017, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Group Actions on a Product of Spheres.
  • Rolf Christian Jørgensen (MS 2017, advisor: Beren Sanders): Localization and support in triangulated categories.
  • Cédric Ho Than (MS 2016, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): On the homotopy theory of semi simplicial sets.
  • Alexander Jasper (MS 2016, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Symmetric arcs and homological stability for surfaces.
  • Lasse Bryder Nielsen (MS 2016, advisor: Dan Petersen): Koszul duality for the little disk operad.
  • Mathias Nisted Velling (MS 2016, advisor: Dan Petersen): Configuration spaces of algebraic varieties.
  • William Kurdahl Larsen (MS 2016, advisor: Beren Sanders): Derivators and Stable Derivators.
  • Kyriakos-Panagiotis Iliadis (MS 2016, advisor: Gijs Heuts): The classifying space of the cobordism category.
  • Peter James Dawson (MS 2016, advisor: Dustin Clausen): Monoidal categories and Δ, Θ2 and Γ.
  • Mikala Ørsnes Jansen (MS 2016, advisor: Dustin Clausen): Stable Real Cohomology of SLn(Z).
  • Sarah Diana Christel Larsen (MS 2016, advisor: Dustin Clausen): Fermat Hypersurfaces Over Finite Fields.
  • My Tran (MS 2016, advisor: Dieter Dries Degrijse): Bredon cohomology of non-positive curved triangle of groups.
  • Søren Frölich (MS 2016, advisor: Lars Hesselholt): Tropicalization of Algebraic Toric Varieties.
  • Erica Minuz (MS 2015, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): The Simplicial Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category.
  • Martin Patrick Speirs (MS 2015, advisor: Kristian Moi): Model categories with a view towards rational homotopy theory.
  • Anna K Steensen (MS 2015, advisor: Irakli Patchkoria): J-equivalence in the lambda-ring of finite p-group representations.
  • Pernille Lindberg Bruhn (MS 2015, advisor: Dustin Clausen): A lower bound for the Real J-homomorphism.
  • Helle Bumbech Andersen (MS 2014, advisor: Ellen Henke): Classification of fusion systems.
  • Rasmus Nørtoft Johansen (MS 2014, advisor: Irakli Patchkoria): Duality of classifying spaces in Morava K-theory.
  • Jens Jakob Kjær (MS 2014, advisor: Markus Szymik): The Kahn-Priddy Theorem.
  • Brian Brost (MS 2013, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): Computing persistent homology via discrete Morse theory.
  • Mads Christian Hansen (MS 2013, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Teichmüller Theory and Dynamics.
  • Isabelle Laude (MS 2013, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Fusion systems and their classifying spaces.
  • Amalie Høgenhaven (MS 2013, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Quillen stratification in group cohomology.
  • Gesche Nord (MS 2012, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): The s-chromatic polynomial.
  • Eske Sparsø (MS 2011, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): Exotic fusion systems and Euler characteristics.
  • Steffen Christensen (MS 2011, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Equivalence of the little discs and cacti operads .
  • Mauricio Esteban Gomez Lopez (MS 2011, advisor: Oscar Randal-Williams): Spaces of manifolds, cobordism categories and the Madsen-Weiss theorem.
  • Kristoffer Kjær (MS 2011, advisor: Alexander Berglund): Derived invariance of the B-infinity algebra structure on the Hochschild cochain complex.
  • Paolo Masulli (MS 2011, advisors: Jesper Grodal & Oscar Randal-Williams): Equivariant homotopy: KR-theory.
  • Casper Guldberg (MS 2011, advisor: Richard Hepworth): Labelled string topology for classifying spaces of compact Lie group.
  • Martin Wedel Jacobsen (MS 2011, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): Euler-karakteristik af fusionskategorier for Chevalley-grupper.
  • Sune Precht Reeh (MS 2010, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Burnside Rings of Fusion Systems.
  • Daniela Egas Santander (MS 2010, advisor: Alexander Berglund): Quasi-categories and Complete Segal Spaces (Quillen equivalences).
  • Marc Stephan (MS 2010, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Elmendorf's theorem for cofibrantly generated model categories .
  • Rasmus Hedegaard (MS 2010, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Seifert surfaces of maximal Euler characteristic.
  • Toke Nørgaard-Sørensen (MS 2010, advisor: Jesper Grodal): Compact classical Lie groups G for which H^*(BG;F_2) is polynomial.
  • Ulrik Buchholtz (MS 2008, advisor: Jesper Grodal): The Atiyah-Segal completion theorem.
  • Martin Vincent (MS 2008, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Diffeological differential geometry.
  • Tarje Bargheer (MS 2008, advisor: Nathalie Wahl): Cultivating Operads in String Topology
  • Morten Poulsen (MS 2007, advisor: Jesper Michael Møller): Depth, detection, and associated primes in the cohomology of finite groups.

MS Projects (2008-)

BS Theses (2007-)