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QMATH – Quantum Mathematics @ Copenhagen


Quantum theory governs the behaviour of atoms, photons and is responsible for collective effects such as superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect. Whereas stunning progress has been made in the mathematical analysis of quantum physical systems, Heisenberg´s principle and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox have continued to challenge our intuitive understanding of physics. In particular, they have revolutionised our understanding of the concept of information in physics, leading to proposals for future technologies such as quantum cryptography and quantum computing. For all this, a deeper understanding of the underlying mathematical structures is paramount and the goal of our research effort. 

Our topics are situated within the traditional research field of Mathematical Physics and the novel interdisciplinary area of Quantum Information Theory. Concrete research projects include the study of Bose-Einstein-Condensation and quantum entropy as well as codes for quantum communication and computation. Our mathematical toolbox contains methods from functional analysis, random geometry, representation theory and draws on concepts and ideas from both physics and computer science.

QMATH will soon turn into the Villum Centre of Excellence for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH).

Every Wednesday we hold our Quantum Lunch seminar with science and sandwiches, at 12:00 in 04.4.20. Also there is a biweekly quantum information theory journal club mainly aimed at undergraduate students, on Tuesdays same time and place. For details see our group calendar.

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Teaching 2016/2017


See a list of our publications on arXiv.org

How to find us

We are located here:

Institut for Matematiske Fag
Universitetsparken 5
2100 København Ø

Our building is called H. C. Ørsted Institut and is pretty big. This map shows where you have to enter the building and how to find the math department . Matthias' Office is 04.2.12. The page "Find us" shows you direction, busses, trains and hotels. In short:

  • From Copenhagen airport it is most convenient to take the Metro to Nørreport St. and from there the Bus 173E, 150s, 184 or 185 to Universitetsparken.
  • From Copenhagen main station, take S-train A, B or C to Nørreport St. and continue with Bus 173E, 150s, 184 or 185 to Universitetsparken.

To find out how to get around in Copenhagen in general or to find particular times on the routes above, visit journeyplanner.dk.

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