Levy 2007

Satellite Summerschool on

Levy Processes: Theory and Applications

Sandbjerg, August 9-12, 2007

Stochastic centre

University of Copenhagen

CMA Oslo

Thiele Centre

Satellite Summerschool on
Levy Processes: Theory and Applications

Sandbjerg Manor, August 9-12, 2007


This Summerschool will comprise four minicourses on different areas related to Levy process theory and its applications. The intended audience are PhD and postdoctoral students, or researchers who want to get an introduction to the theory of Levy processes and an overview of applications in different fields.

The minicourses will be devoted to the following topics:

The number of participants is restricted to 66 (and 4 lecturers). This number has been exceeded. The registered persons with a number above 70 are set on a waiting list.

Travel information

Arrival is on 8 August in the afternoon or evening, departure on 12 August in the afternoon.

Sandbjerg is located in South Jutland, close to the German border.

Sandbjerg Manor is accessible by train from Copenhagen to Sonderborg (about 4 hours), in Sonderborg one needs to take a taxi at the railway station (about 6 km).

It is also possible to take a train from Hamburg to Flensburg, then take a bus to Sonderburg, then a taxi.

The best information about trains all over Europe can be found under www.bahn.de.

For those who arrive at Copenhagen airport it is reasonable to connect to Sonderborg by plane. For those who are already in Copenhagen city the train is more convenient and cheaper.

It is possible to fly from Copenhagen to Sonderborg. There are 4-6 daily connections (Cimberair) on week days and one flight on Saturdays and Sundays. The time table can be found under www.cimber.dk/sw16838.asp. From Sonderborg airport take a taxi to Sandbjerg Manor (12 km).

Cimberair is a very small company. Your travel agent is likely not to know it. It might be helpful to point at the website.

For more information see also here.

Payment until 10 June necessary

Preliminary program

For questions and comments contact: Thomas Mikosch (local organizer) mikosch@math.ku.dk or Gennady Samorodnitsky (Scientific Program Chair) gennady@orie.cornell.edu