4th Danish Symposium on Applied Analysis
"Mathematical Challenges in Biosciences and Mathematical Physics"
August 16-18, 2007

Organized by the Danish FNU+FTP-PDE-group.
The meeting is sponsored by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) and its sub agencies FNU and FTP.
The Department of Mathematical Sciences is providing practical help and the fuel on which math is spawned, i.e. the coffee.
Held at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen , Denmark. Tel: (+45) 35 32 08 99, Fax: (+45) 35 32 07 72

Invitation and Call for Papers
Conference and Social Program
List of Registered Participants
Symposium organizers
Local Directions, Accomodations Etc.

Access to the reception wednesday 20:00-22:00:

Since the university is CLOSED after regular hours, we are facing a slight entrance problem. If you manage to show up at the "basement" door to the math building on the North side of the building between 20:00 and 20:30 then you will be able to get in.
If you plan to arrive later please let the organizers know. You may also give Jens Hugger a call at his mobile 28750684. Then I will come down and let you in.
After entering the building, you have to go up to the top floor using the winding staircase just inside.
Once on the 4th floor make a left and go down the corridor to room 4.4.19. You may also go straight ahead. As long as you keep on following the corridor, you will end up at 4.4.19, the Dining room of the Math Department.

Access to the conference

The main entrance doors to the Hans Christian rsted (HC) building are open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.
You can always exit. It is the entrance that is a problem.
If you find the North side of the Math building, there is an entrance door to the HC building right at the corner where the Math building meets the HC building.
Enter there, turn right, go all the way up the stairs (to 2nd floor only) and go straight down the open "hanging" hallway of the HC building. The auditoriums 7-10 are on your right.
The conference site is all the way at the bottom in Aud. 10 and there ought to be some coffee in Aud. 9 just before.

For those participating also Saturday, or if you need access late Thursday or Friday we have 25 guest cards to the above mentioned door allowing access at any time Thursday to Saturday. Please ask Jens Hugger for a card if you need it.
Note: The administration asks that we return the cards after use since they will be reprogrammed and reused, so please hand them back to one of the organizers after use.

If you are driving, you can get a parking permit from Jens Hugger for the conference. Just park your car and go to me to get the permit, which you then put in your car. I will try to be around from half an hour before the first talk of the day. Otherwise catch me in a break.

After the conference

Refund of expenses

To get a refund of expenses, that the organizers are paying for, please use this pdf-form.

Pictures from the conference dinner may appear here.

Invitation and Call for Papers

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is happy to host the 4th Danish Symposium on Applied Analysis.
A primary goal of the symposium is to expose two networks of Danish mathematical researchers to new and exciting computational and analytical developments in various application areas. For the present symposium the emphasis will be on Mathematical Challenges in Biosciences and Mathematical Physics.
A second (but equally important) goal of the symposium is to permit some of the junior researchers in these networks to present their own work in a "friendly international atmosphere".

Confirmed speakers:

Avner Friedman, Ohio State University
Thomas Banks, North Carolina State University
Philip J. Holmes, Princeton University
Messoud Efendiev, Technical University Munich
Kim Knudsen, Aalborg University
Benjamin Schlein, University of Munich
Jakob Yngvason, University of Vienna
Rupert Frank, Princeton University
Mathieu Lewin, Cergy Pointoise
Daniel Ueltschi, University of Warwick
Michael Vogelius, Rutgers University
Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek, University of Roskilde
Viggo Andreasen, University of Roskilde
Anna Dall'Acqua, Munich University of Technology

Important Dates:

June 17, 2007
August 5, 2007
August 16-18, 2007
Deadline for abstracts for contributed presentations and early bird registration
Latest registration date
The Symposium


Please register by filling in the Registration Form.

Disclaimer: The conference organizers are not able to help in any way in getting visa for Denmark in order to participate in the symposium.
For registered participants showing up at the symposium, we will be able to provide a letter of participation.

Welcome reception and coffee are free for registered participants.
There will be a co-payment for lunches on Thursday and Friday and for the conference dinner on Friday.
Lunches on Thursday and Friday will be 50 kr each and conference dinner on Friday 200 kr.
Accompanying persons are, of course, welcome at the social events. Participation in the conference dinner will cost 200 kr.
Registration Fee Form. Participation Form. Receipt Form.

Symposium organizers

Jens Hugger

(+45) 35 32 06 84


Michael Vogelius

(+1) 732 445 1327


Jan Philip Solovej

(+45) 35 32 07 53


Michael Pedersen

(+45) 45 25 30 63


Arne Jensen

(+45) 96 35 88 46


University of Copenhagen --- Dept. of Math. Sciences
Located at 7 on this map
The black box just beneath the "7"
in the HC-complex on the map
hidden under the picture.

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