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Course credits

Every PhD student is required to follow courses worth of 30 ECTS. Any course listed in our list of PhD courses is automatically approved as a PhD course.

You can also get credit for following PhD courses at other research institutions, or by taking a reading course. Moreover, you can get course credit by following summer schools and even certain conferences. To claim credit for such an activity you need to fill a form.

Progress reports


We have at present 7 PhD offices: 

  • 1.06. A large corner office on the first floor with 7 desks.
  • 1.12. A corner office on the first floor with 5 desks.
  • 2.08. A "3-module" office on the second floor with 4 desks.
  • 4.03. A large office on the forth floor with 6 desks.
  • 4.05. A large corner office on the forth floor with 7 desks.
  • N215. A large open office at DIKU with 12 desks.
  • N219. A smaller office at DIKU with 4 desks.

Each PhD student will be assigned a desk in one of these offices. Industrial PhD's who rarely show up at the university will normally be assigned a shared desk. See the current office plan for the department.

Travel support

Please consult the employee guide of the department.


 For further information you can contact:

Printing the PhD thesis

The department prints a number of copies (usually 20) of each PhD thesis. One of these will be kept by the department, and one will be kept at the Royal Library. The rest can be distributed to committee members, colleagues, friends, and family.

Please consult the employee guide of the department for the necessary instructions.