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22 April 2017

Millions to macroscopic quantum research

Quantum Grant

The Danish National Research Council has invited Ulrik Lund Anderson (DTU - Technical University of Denmark) to contract negotiations for the application for a Centre for Macroscopic Quantum States (BigQ). UCPH and QMATH will have a part in the new centre.

Whereas most quantum experiments are about the nature of single atoms or photons, this center will look into the quantum nature of systems of a large number of particles (e.g. large squeezed states of light) and thus test the limits of quantum theory.

The good news for the Department of Mathematical Sciences is that professor Matthias Christandl from QMATH (Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory) will lead the theory team of BigQ - which will have its home at our Department.

Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU

Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU, will head the Centre for Macroscopic Quantum States.

Professor Matthias Christandl, QMATH

Matthias Christandl, QMATH, will lead the BigQ Centres theoretical team.